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Lesbian Threesome in the Church – MormonGirlz

Lesbian Threesome in the Church

These three girls are used to The Mormon Polygamy Sex Cult.  They love pleasing all their wives.  Sexual gratification is not only for the husband.  Women can also have sex with their wives.  Once a mormon friend of mine told me that it’s important to have sex once a week.  It’s important to please your lover. I took that to mean that she felt it was her responsibility as a female to have sex at least that often.  MormonGirlz reveals the sexual rituals practiced by a secret priesthood of powerful Mormon men, known as the Patriarchal Order. Enjoy their authentic lesbian porn filmed inside a church.


Doctor - Clinic Visit

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Amateur young lady having her genital checkup and then getting fucked by the doctor with her pink sex toy. This raven haired girl have pale white skin, with attractive looking face, and blush kissable lips. She’ wearing her white blouse, skirt, pink panties, and white socks. She then lay on the table with her panties off and and spreading her legs wide open in front of the female doctor. This doctor has short hair and pales skin, she then sits in front of the raven haired girl and started pleasuring the pussy with pink and long sex toy.

Sister Hardy & Pratt

Hardy & Pratt - Finally Get It On

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Horny lesbian couple getting it on and having lesbian sex in the CR sucking their titties and fondling the twat. These two attractive and good looking brunette have large set of tits. The also have pale skin, and freckles on their arms, and wearing their white and thin see thru tops, and tight pants without any undies. They started touching each other and get in on while in the comfort room. The female on her right sits on top of the sink with her top pulled up and exposing that amazing large boobs with pinkish nipples, and the other girl started sucking her tits for foreplay.

Jones & Bianchi

Jones & Bianchi - Can't Stop

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Love and horny sisters can’t stop rubbing their pussy and have scissor sex on the floor. They both have slender figure and have large breast, and they are in the living room, completely naked and exposing their goodies on each other. The female on the right have raven hair that flows down all over her shoulders. The both spreads their legs wide open and sits naked on the floor, and their pussy and touching, and rubbing against it for scissor sex. They girl on the left started moaning so loud as her tits bounce up and down and enjoys her cunts getting pleasured.


Lesbians - Getting Wet

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Busty and alluring babes gets completely wet as they make out and touch each other in the tub. These two are wearing their thin and see thru white garments, and no underwear. The girl on the left is a redhead with thick and curly mane with sexy slender figure, and pale skin, while the babe on the right is a brunette with fair skin, and slim figure. They are in the tub with their bodies complete wet and their hairs that flows down neatly on the shoulders. The redhead has her tits pulled out revealing her large and firm boobs, and they started kissing each other on the lips with tongue.


Lisa - Teaches a new investigator

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Arousing and alluring ladies getting it on, muff diving into some wet and shaved twat. These two lesbians are in the living room and getting it on. The busty redhead chick with sexy body curves have pale skin, and amazing set of knockers with tiny pinkish nipples, and she has her toe nails painted in bright red nail-polish, and in her thin garment, while the blond lady has sexy slender figures, and well manicured finger nails with blue nail-polish, and she has tattoo on her body. The redhead spreads her legs wide open while squeezing her titties and getting her pussy eaten.

Pratt & Hardy

Pratt & Hardy - Companionship Inventory

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Alluring and sexy mormon sisters having an awesome time on the couch and kissing their private parts and muff diving. These two sexy and amateur redhead have amazing sexy bodies, and large set of natural tits with pinkish and puffy nipples. The babe with pale skin and red toe-nails i lying on the couch, completely naked and fully exposing her big natural boobs and suckable nips, and spreading her thighs wide open, while the other female have also taken off her clothes, revealing her goodies, and then kneeling on the floor and muff diving while touching her friend.

Sis Pratt

Sis Pratt - Visits the Doctor Again

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Alluring blond sister getting her vagina check by a horny female mormon doctor, and getting it on in the clinic. This blond babe have sexy and arousing body, with blush lips, and pale complexion, and a nice set of perky breast with puffy and erect pinkish nipples. She has a tattoo on her right rib-cage, and on her right thigh while her finger nails are covered with dark green nail polish. She and the doctor strips completely naked revealing their goodies, and then she lay on the table with her goodies fully exposed and her thighs wide open and getting her hairy pussy eaten and finger fucked.

Sister Jones

Sister Jones - Masturbates

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Horny raven haired mormon girl masturbating and rubbing her hairy twat while reading her book in the middle of the day. This female have dark and shoulder length hair with bangs, and she has curvy body and wearing her see thru white garment. She is in the living room in the middle of the day and reading her bible, and then gets frisky and naughty. She takes off her pants and pulls ups her shirt revealing her small and perky breast with puffy nips, and then spreads her legs wide open and started touching her hairy twat, flicking her clitoris for pleasure as she masturbate.


Sisters - Caught in the act

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Horny lesbian mormon girls getting it on in bed and using their pink stick to pleasure their wet and tight twat. This two have sexy and arousing figure, with large natural breast and puffy and erect pinkish nipples. They also have freckles all over their pale and arousing body. The two strips off their clothes revealing her boobies and suckable nips and their clean shaved pussy. The babe on the left bent over her round and firm ass in front of her friend, holding on to the wall and leaning her face, and then other chick gets behind and started penetrating that wet cunt with pink stick.